Pothole Repairs

Avoid a potential insurance claim by keeping surfaces smooth. At FRS our team will attend to any potholes, repairing them quickly.

We can help with any size of pothole – from minor holes to full major road surface replacement.

FRS Surfacing specialises in high quality pothole repairs for main roads, car parks, factory yards, school playgrounds and any other tarmac surfaces.

We have many years’ experience carrying out professional, rapid pothole repairs, with minimal disruption to the public.

We offer free on-site surveys and no-obligation quotes – it’s never been easier to get those potholes filled.

The pothole Repair Process

  • Step 1
    The pothole is completely cleared of any loose debris
  • Step 2
    All edges of the pothole are cut and levelled
  • Step 3
    A tack coating is applied to the surface of the pothole, to seal it and help the tarmac stick
  • Step 4
    A high quality, durable mix of tarmacadam is poured into the hole
  • Step 5
    The top of the repair is levelled with the road
  • Step 6
    All edges are sealed with a bitumen coating, to make it watertight and prevent erosion

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